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    Welcome to Amateur Forum.

    What is this place, you ask?

    Well, there are plenty of adult "webmaster" forums out there. But, if you can wade through the crap, dodge the assholes who are just there to cause problems, and be willing to put your information "out there" for anyone to come across, then perhaps those forums will work for you. GFY, XBiz, and others can be good places to learn a few things, but let's be honest, they don't have the amateur community in their best interest.

    AmateurForum.com was created JUST for the adult amateur community, and is designed for everyone to participate, without the hassles.

    We manually verify every user, and they are only accepted if they meet our requirements. The forum is closed to anyone who is not registered, so users can share information with each other that you normally wouldn't post just anywhere. Talk about keeping your members area secure, or how to get more signups, or arrange to shoot with a fellow model, all without Joe Stranger reading it.

    We're just starting out, so forgive us for not having a plethora of information. But, every good site has to start somewhere, right? Feel free to participate, post your questions, reply to those that need help, or post random crap to put a smile on everyone's face! We like it all.

    See you inside....

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